Birds Are Big.

It’s almost overwhelming, if you really stop and think about the impact birds have on our daily existences. From their singsong melodies that greet our mornings to the eggs we may eat for breakfast, the accessories we select for ourselves (feather in your cap, anyone?) to the adages we utter (“birds of a feather,” as the saying goes), these winged wonders touch our lives more than some may realize.

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Great blue Heron

Icons of cultural significance, symbols, spirits, and totems, birds have the power to invoke loved ones, places, seasons, and emotions. A more well rounded symbol you’d be  hard pressed to find.

This wide range of meanings varies just as much as the massive number of bird species on Earth—there are reportedly between 9,000 and 10,000 species of birds. While here at Evocateur we can customize orders to suit any one of those, we do have a few favorite current styles.woman wearing bird design jewelry


flamingo necklace

There’s the flamingo, a perfect pink picture of the Floridian coast—sunny, warm, carefree. The crane, a symbol strong in Japanese culture pointing to good fortune and longevity.

If you happen to spot a blue jay in your own backyard, you might feel in awe of its sight. The North American bird has varying meanings across different religions and cultures, but in Christianity, it’s meant to demonstrate that good things are to come

The swan is grace embodied, representing beauty and loyalty. For couples, a pair

swan art

of swans represents soul mates for life—the perfect romantic gift as an alternative to something more traditional like a heart. As a self-gift, take the slang approach: SWAN stands for smart, hard working, ambitious, and nice—attributes many aspire to possess.


peacock earring
The peacock is another ornamental bird that can mesmerize with a shake of its tail feather—its plumes are world famous. With its confident strut, the peacock is the perfect icon to represent self-esteem, pride, and beauty. It’s prominently featured across many religions as a symbol of protection, wellness, and poise.



While the gilded dove of peace worn by Lady Gaga at the recent presidential

inauguration of Joe Biden may have set off some chatter about the winged messenger, birds have long been a focal point in jewelry, fashion, and art alike. It’s to be expected that the dove as an icon will generate some demand as people search for inner and outer peace, and as an obvious response to a budding celebrity trend.




birds art

But whether it be a dove or a blue heron, a cardinal or an owl, birds have the power to awaken the senses and transport to far off places. In times like these, when many are seeking to further their connections with nature, seeking the company of birds is not such a bad idea.

In fact, a study by academics at the University of Exeter, the British Trust for Ornithology, and the University of Queensland found that people living in neighborhoods with more birds, shrubs, and trees are less likely to suffer from anxiety and stress.



bird party emma necklacebird party cuffs 


So, as they often say—put a bird on it!

Written by Britt Siminitz



“Our store is located on the intercoastal waterway — between Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. We’ve carried Evocateur for almost two years and it’s been a great gift and self purchase for both our local customers and tourists. We love showcasing the line as a work of art and explaining how everything is made by hand in the USA and features 22k gold leaf. I’ll also say that Evocateur is one of the easiest companies to work with and that Barbara and Julie make us feel like family.”

Terri Stokes
Bay Street Jewelers
Beaufort, SC

Interestingly, the shoreline near their store is a natural habitat for coastal birds like the Snowy Egret and the Blue Heron.


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