Gold Leaf Obsession

As a 100% woman-owned-and-operated brand, Evocateur is focused on giving our clients and customers an art-driven jewelry experience. Everything we offer is handmade in the USA, complete with 22k gold leaf and a wide range of artful imagery (we even offer custom work, too!).

A letter from our founder, Barbara Innamorati: 

It started with The Kiss...

It was years ago during my time as a student in London that I fell under the spell of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss,” the famous work on display at the National Gallery. It was those flecks of gold that glinted from every aspect of the painting that would stick with me, well up until I started Evocateur in 2009, an endeavor founded on my passion for gold leaf. 

The name Evocateur means “evocative” in French, or more precisely, the person doing the evoking. I found that whenever I wore our jewelry, it would evoke comments, connections and conversations. It seemed like the perfect description for our designs, and so our brand was born, and continues to grow right from our Connecticut studio, where everything is designed and manufactured.

I want women to feel stylish, unique and special when they wear a piece of Evocateur jewelry. I also hope that each piece represents something meaningful to them: a good memory, a gift from somebody, or the reminder of someone important in their life. I hope our jewelry evokes a sense of love and celebrates life’s joys.

"I hope our jewelry evokes a sense of love and celebrates life’s joys."

I love being part of the happy days of people’s lives. We are privileged to help commemorate birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones. I especially love hearing the stories behind the gifts, even the gifts to one’s self. There is always a story.

Through our stories, we hope you will find ways to connect with Evocateur— whether it’s sharing a tale of an artist’s inspirations, or by communicating the symbolism of an animal or scene.

And hey, we want to hear from you, too! Please email us at with your stories, inquiries, or just to say hello.  

Meet Britt:

Hi! My name is Britt Siminitz. You may know me as a contributing editor for JCK magazine (or you may not!). I first met Barbara of Evocateur in 2016 when she was showing at JCK Las Vegas—I was so enamored with her gilded wearable art that I came away having ordered cuffs for myself and a friend. Five years later and I’m so excited to take part in contributing to the brand’s story by helping to tell it here in this new monthly journal.