Lucy Peveto

Lucy PevetoLucy Peveto is an artist and former attorney who seeks to show how lives can be transformed. Her personal symbolism, the butterfly, represents her own life experience: the connection between creativity, emotion and spirituality. "I utilize mixed mediums to celebrate the infinite possibilities gained when we discover our innate talents."

High heat and resin are juxtaposed with delicate, paper thin butterfly wings and metallic leaf to illustrate the fragilities of physical life. "I deconstruct 'pattern' to represent how we may find unexpected light and shadow in life and in art.”

Her work has been featured at Neiman Marcus, Spring Trends, McNay Art Museum, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum and Southwest School of Art, as well as other shows and galleries across Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii and Florida. Corporate collections include San Antonio University Hospital, The University of Texas at San Antonio, The University of the Incarnate Word and La Cantera Resort and Spa.

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