22k Gold Leaf Artistry


There’s nothing like Evocateur in the industry. Our proprietary process lets us create elegant jewelry that is a combination of original art, 22k gold leaf and enamel. Each piece is handmade in our Connecticut studio and can take up to seven days to produce. The end result is jewelry that’s a joyful celebration of art and fashion.

Our Story

Barbara Ross-Innamorati

Barbara Ross-Innamorati left her career in corporate finance to pursue a passion to create beautiful jewelry using art and gold leaf. Her aha moment came when she viewed and was mesmerized by Gustav Klimt’s famous painting, The Kiss, that was highlighted by gilded flecks of gold. It was that inspiration that led her to find a way to combine gold leaf with art to create the unique one-of-kind jewelry collection that is Evocateur.



We give you:

- Over 500 different designs from which to choose.

- Cuffs, bangles, necklaces and pendants, earrings and rings.

- A great selection of product photography for use in ads, on your website or for social media.

- Excellent margins and stock balancing.

- Responsive and caring customer service.

- Exclusive territorial distribution where applicable.

Contact us and we'll show how easy it is to work with us.


What a pleasure for Lux, Bond & Green to work with Evocateur these past 11 years. They are always accommodating, creative and true to their word. And the product is made here in America.

John A. Green, Lux, Bond & Green, West Hartford, CT

I met Evocateur at the Atlanta show in March. I was very impressed with the beauty and quality of their jewelry and placed a large order. Within two weeks we had sold 75% of the jewelry. I have placed numerous orders since, but cannot seem to order fast enough to keep up with the demand.

I knew the moment I saw how fashion forward the line was that it would do incredibly well, but to say that is an understatement. Not only do we love the jewelry but Barbara and her staff go above and beyond and have been an absolute joy to work with.

Jennifer Hunter, Levys at Gus Mayer, Birmingham, AL

I have been doing business with Evocateur since 2014. Our customers love their innovative and colorful designs. The jewelry is fun, fashionable and affordable. Perfect for a self-purchase or a gift. And their customer service is exceptional.

Pat Zambuto, Cedar Chest Fine Jewelry, Sanibel Island, FL

The variety and infinite designs delight our clients.

 And to be able to create custom pieces at such affordable prices is a wonderful benefit.

Colleen Rafferty, Christensen & Rafferty Fine Jewelry, San Mateo, CA

We've had tremendous success with this line and love introducing new fresh creations every season. Everyone at Evocateur is so helpful with whatever we need to succeed.

Valerie King, King Jewelers, Cohasset MA

We've carried Evocateur for two years and it's been a great gift and self-purchase for both local customers and tourists. We love showcasing the line as a work of art, explaining how it's made by hand in the USA and features 22k gold leaf. I'll also say that Evocateur is one of the easiest companies to work with.

Terri Stokes, Bay Street Jewelers, Beaufort, SC